The Grace Effect Farm - 4 seed packs

The Grace Effect

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For quite some time, a small dream has been nestled in our hearts. We've often been asked if we ship flowers, and as a family-run business, it wasn't feasible until now. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are now offering seeds, harvested directly from our beloved farm in Southwest Michigan. These seeds hold a special place in our hearts, as they are a tangible piece of the land that means so much to us. We are eager to share the grace we experience daily, extending its reach beyond our family and into the wider world. Each seed pack includes four envelopes of seeds: -

Benary Zinnia Mix (extra large blooms) - 50 seeds

Cosmo Mix (single and double blooms) - 50 seeds

Sunflowers (Procut - single stem) - 50 seeds

French White Marigolds (tall + long stems for cutting) - 50 seeds

These are all flowers that flourish under the sun's warm rays. They can be planted directly into the ground and will yield a stunning cutting garden. We hope these flowers bring beauty to your yard, your home, and that you share this beauty with others. We are thrilled to grow alongside you, both near and far.

Each pack also comes with planting directions, Graces story, and a picture of Grace in the garden, artistically positioned in the center of each packet. We are committed to changing the narrative and fostering a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Offering these seeds is just another beautiful stride towards that goal.