The Grace Effect was born the second our 6th and final child took her first breath.  

After 5 boys, we had a little girl. Grace was born on Dec 30, 2009 and we could not have been more excited. She had a perfect little face, almond eyes and snow white skin. She was the perfect ending to our family. Grace was born with Down syndrome and because of that tiny little chromosome she has opened up so many doors to amazing relationships and experiences. We are a stronger family because of Grace. Our candle company give us the opportunity to share her light with all of you. We have big hopes and dreams for all our children and are looking forward to watching this little dream we have had since shortly after her birth come alive. Giving our daughter and boys the opportunity to live their best life has always been our goal. We believe by creating a product that is 100% toxin free for families around the world to enjoy is just one little step in a more inclusive future for our kids. Thank you so much for visiting our little online shop.

With Love,

Tom, Katie, Liam, Patrick, Ryan, Sean, Colin, and Grace Driscoll