The beautiful journey of The Grace Effect began the very moment our sixth and final child took her first breath.

After being blessed with five amazing boys, our hearts were filled with unparalleled joy as we welcomed our precious daughter, Grace, into the world on December 30, 2009. She graced us with her perfect little face, almond-shaped eyes, and the most delicate snow-white skin imaginable. Grace, in every sense, was the perfect completion of our loving family.

Grace was born with Down syndrome, and through that tiny, magical chromosome, she has gifted us with an abundance of incredible relationships and life-altering experiences. Her presence has not only enriched our lives but also made our family even stronger. It's in her light that The Grace Effect candle company was born.

From the earliest moments after her birth, we've harbored dreams and aspirations for all our children. Today, we're filled with excitement as we watch this cherished dream unfold. Our unwavering goal has always been to provide our daughter and sons with the opportunity to live their best lives. We wholeheartedly believe that by creating products that are 100% toxin-free, we're taking a meaningful step toward a more inclusive and welcoming future for our children and families all around the world.

We extend our deepest gratitude to you for visiting our humble online shop. Your support is a beacon of hope as we continue to share Grace's radiant spirit with the world.

With Love,

Tom, Katie, Liam, Patrick, Ryan, Sean, Colin, and Grace Driscoll