Farm Blend Coffee

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We are absolutely bursting with excitement to introduce our very own "Farm Blend" coffee beans!

This delightful collaboration has been a labor of love for us, spanning an incredible six months, and we're absolutely thrilled to unveil it here! Our coffee beans are expertly roasted by the talented team at Hàerfest Coffee in the heart of North Carolina. What makes this partnership truly special is that Hàerfest Coffee shares our commitment to empowering the disability community, making this blend a beautiful and natural way for us to come together.

Our Farm Blend is a masterpiece in flavor, characterized by its low acidity. It's crafted from a unique blend of coffee beans, each individually roasted to unlock their distinct taste potential. Each coffee, on its own, is remarkable, but when blended together, they create an extraordinary coffee experience.

Whether you prefer it as a steaming cup of hot or a refreshing cold brew, or perhaps as a rich and bold espresso shot, our Farm Blend offers a versatile and delightful coffee experience.

We sincerely hope that you find as much joy in savoring it as we do! This is the very coffee is served and sold at our farmstand  – a perfect complement to the sunny days at the farm.