Clean Hand Therapy - castile hand and body wash

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Here at the farm, our hands are tools and taking care oof them not only keeps our skin clean but provides a spa like feeling each time we wash our hands.  We only use pure natural ingredients that hydrate the skin and produce an clean aroma. One that is bright, warm, fresh, and 100% inspired by the gardens at our farm and made with organic ingredients.

It is your choice and 8oz glass bottle, or 16oz plastic bottle with pump filled with liquid soap. We also have a refill as well....

Scent choices.....

Peppermint - Special EO blend of peppermint and rosemary

Rosemary - Special EO blend of sage, lemongrass, spearmint and rosemary

Lemongrass - Special EO blend of lemongrass, patchouli, rosemary, line, sage, bergamot and rosemary

When the essential oils hit the water, they throw a scent that fills your entire sink. It has more essential oils than most brands, packed with organic ingredients that were carefully picked for a top quality, clean and moisturizing liquid soap.

So what you’re getting is an all-natural liquid soap with palm oil that comes from farms that practice sustainable production.  Our soap is velvety smooth, and wildly intoxicating that’s only possible through the fragrance of essential oils. Castile soap is one of the oldest soap-making techniques in the world. It’s a timeless process made with oils, which gives our liquid soap a clean texture. 

We hope you enjoy the proocess of washing your hands and body with these fresh ingredients as much as we do.