16oz candle in cement TGE reusable vessel

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The Grace Effect newly launched reusable cement vessel filled with 16oz of all natural soy wax and the scent of your choice!  

Enjoy the highly scented phthalate + lead free candle in our handmade cement vessel that can be reused for a new candle or many others things such as a pencil holder, planter, toothbrush holder or filled with fresh cut flowers. 

All vessels will be hand poured with the scent of your choice and sent in their own gift box. They make the perfect gift for family or friends! 

All our cement vessels are hand poured by Grace and her mom Katie.  They are unique to themselves, cracks, bubbles and other visual differences are common with using cement. There are no 2 vessels alike.  The vessels are not approved for food.  

Looking for a refill?  We have a refill here!