16oz Red Arrow harvest - crisp apples + hint of cinnamon

The Grace Effect

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Our passion for Michigan is profound, and this collection captures just a glimpse of what makes Michigan so uniquely dear to us.

Travel along the iconic Red Arrow highway, and you're greeted with the invigorating aroma of fresh produce. This candle is our tribute to the bountiful fruit harvests that grace our state during the warm summer and crisp fall months. Michigan's apples are unparalleled in sweetness. The joy of hand-picking these apples and savoring them in a freshly baked pie epitomizes our harvest season.

Every candle we craft contains only three pure ingredients: soy wax, plant-based fragrance, and a cotton wick. We prioritize safety, ensuring each candle is safe for our home as it is for yours.

Our 16oz candle promises a burn time of up to 160 hours, filling your space in the heartwarming essence of Michigan.