10oz - beach house

The Grace Effect

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The beach is a special place for ouur family and this new scent took us back to the time we were dreaming of living amoungst white sandy beaches.  We travel there multiple times a year to recharge and this candle permiates the places we stay...

The beach house is a sweet and tart, tropical and vibrant fruit explosion to the senses. Pineapple, peach, and tangy grapefruit top notes merge with tropical passionfruit, mango, and coconut. There are also notes of zesty lemongrass and musk that round out this tropical euphoria.

The candle smells amazing just placed on a table but it really lights up when it is lit.

All our candles are poured with plant based fragrance, midwest sourced soy wax as well as a cotton wick.  We want our candles to be safe for our home and yours.