10 jumbo paper white bulbs

The Grace Effect

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At The Grace Effect, we meticulously curate specialty jumbo paperwhite bulbs to offer you nothing short of the most lavish floral displays imaginable. These bulbs have been carefully selected to ensure the grandest spectacle of blooms, with each bulb producing an impressive 3 to 4 shoots of exquisite flowers.

Our chosen variety of paperwhites boasts creamy white blossoms and a gentle, sweet fragrance that envelops your senses without overwhelming them. In each bag, you'll find a collection of 10 bulbs, perfectly prepared and ready to be nestled into a small bed of potting soil.

Planting these bulbs is a breeze – simply place them in the potting soil of your choice and give them a gentle drink of water, ideally once a week, along with a touch of alcohol. With a little patience and care, you'll witness the miraculous transformation as these bulbs burst into magnificent blooms in just four short weeks.

We take immense pleasure in sharing with you a piece of The Grace Effect farm, where nature's elegance meets the touch of Grace. It's our way of sending a heartfelt piece of our earthy luxury straight to your heart. ❤️