JUMBO Amaryllis bulb wrapped in moss + copper wire

The Grace Effect

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Shipping starts last week of October! Just in time for Christmas Blooms!

We're thrilled to introduce our exquisite JUMBO amaryllis bulbs (36/40), thoughtfully wrapped in fresh moss and delicately secured with copper wire. These remarkable bulbs are grown with care on our flower farm, The Grace Effect, nestled in the picturesque town of Baroda, MI.

Our amaryllis bulbs are more than just a beautiful addition to your home; they're a living work of art waiting to blossom. With the right care, you can witness their extraordinary growth and vibrant blooms.

Care Instructions: To nurture these bulbs to their full splendor, it's important to follow these simple care instructions:

  1. Weekly Water + Light: Begin by providing your amaryllis bulbs with a weekly dose of water and plenty of natural light. Watch as they gradually come to life.

  2. Christmas Blooms: If you start watering your bulbs at the beginning of November, you can expect these magnificent blooms to grace your home in time for Christmas. It's a gift to your space and spirit.

  3. January Joy: For those who plan to save these bulbs as a holiday surprise, simply start watering them at the beginning of December, and you'll be rewarded with a burst of vibrant blooms in January.

These amaryllis bulbs are extraordinary, boasting not only beauty but also size. They're far from your typical garden variety and are sure to captivate all who see them. The best part? Caring for them is a breeze. No need for soil or any additional fuss. Just place the bulbs in a dish of water for a mere 5 minutes once a week, and watch the magic unfold.

We take great delight in sharing these magnificent amaryllis bulbs with you. We hope you'll relish their remarkable display as much as we do. They're a true testament to the beauty that nature can offer, and we're excited to be a part of your blooming journey.