DYI candle kit

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Make your own The Grace Effect candles with the ingredients we use!  

Your kit will have everything to make 2 candles.  All you will need is a sauce pan or metal bowl to heat the wax , and a larger pot to boil the water in.  

You kit includes 

1/ 100% soy wax for 2 10oz candles 

2/ essential oil blend for 2 10oz candles 

3/ 2 cotton wicks 

4/ 2 warning stickers 

5/ 2 product stickers

6/ 2 jars with lids 

7/ thermometer 

8/ 2 wick holders 

9/ directions to make candles  

We are excited to presale these kits.  

They will ship out in the new year!  We hope this creative process gives you all the joy it has given us in the past 8 months. 

FIRST CLASS Jan 16th @ 1:00pm est via a zoom link Katie and Grace will walk you through the process of creating a 100% soy scented candle.  If you are interested in a live class you can register here .