8oz summer camp gift set - Kelle Hampton

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We are so excited about this comb!  4/8oz summer camp scents to kick of summer and vacation!  We partnered with BEST SELLING Author and blogger, Kelle Hampton and created a combo that will ignite all the dreams of summer camp!

You will get 4 8oz candles in the 4 scents curated by Kelle and poured by Grace and I.  We could not be more excited to for you all to try these amazing scents!

You can purchase individual scents in in 16oz by clicking here.

Cabin Library:

The epitome of cozy is huddling inside a cabin at the lake during a good Northern Michigan summer rain. You’ll need a cup of tea, a blanket and a good book; and a well-stocked cabin has lots of old ones to choose from—the more worn, the better. Light this candle to summon all those cozy cabin feels—rich leather, warm amber, old books and the perfect summer day inside.
Wildflower Walk:  Grab a basket and some scissors and set out for a walk around the lake where you’re sure to find a colorful buffet of wildflowers. Clip a few to bring home and slip them in a Mason jar for the kitchen. The earthy base and bright florals of this scent is a happy hug from nature that lasts long after the wildflowers wilt.
Sunrise on the Dock: When you're the first one awake at the lake, you head down to the dock with your coffee to watch the sun rise and feel the day coming to life. Northern Michigan summer mornings evoke optimism and awaken the senses. With tart herbal florals and a grounding earthy base, this scent will deliver that vibrant optimism to your home. Close your eyes when it’s burning, and you might even hear a loon call.
Campfire Stories:
This scent says “Welcome to Summer Camp.” No, actually it sings it, in a catchy summer camp chorus sung around a campfire. Grab the marshmallows and graham crackers, and prepare to make some magical summer memories. This woody, smoky scent conjures the perfect summer evening under the stars, swapping stories around the campfire.