8oz Holiday combo

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The holiday season starts here!

4 of our 2021 holiday scents in 8oz jars ready for you to enjoy or pass along as a gift to friends and family.

the scents include

Cranberry woods - A sweet and woody scent that brings a freshness to the home.  It is a bright scent with notes of cranberry and cinnamon with a nice base of pine and vanilla.

Holiday kitchen - This candle is the perfect representation of the morning of Thanksgiving or Christmas when the smells of caramelized sugar, butter and nuts get you excited abour gathering around the table with all you love.  The memories of holidays of past will flood your heart.

Christmas Morning - The perfect jar of fresh baked morning pastries.  Paired with a cup of coffee and the soft light of a holiday tree will make your daybreak so special.  The base of vanilla and butter is nice creamy soft holiday scent.

Fireside holiday tree - We hope this helps you imagine a soft warm fire in the fireplace paired with a fresh evergreen tree.  With top notes of juniper, sandalwood, amber and smoke with a base of amber clove and balsam and cedar.

We hope you these scents add an ambiance to your holiday season.  All our candles are clean burning and safe for our home and yours.