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The Grace Effect

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We are SO thrilled to be working with Kelle Hampton this holiday season.  She brought back some of her customer favorites and put together a combo from her past collaborations with TGE.

Enjoy this combo and it comes with FREE shipping!

The Shop Around the Corner
What does Kathleen Kelly’s book shop smell like in Autumn? How do you capture all her fall loves in a candle—books and twinkle lights, New York streets, that cozy apartment, a shop full of memories? We tried, and we love the results. This calming fall scent is classic Kathleen Kelly—a sophisticated vetiver base for a soothing earthiness enhanced with top notes of bergamot and citrus, a candle that is sure to be lit first thing when the Shop Around the Corner is opened every morning. “Come in,” it says, “Don’t you just love New York in the fall?”
Sunrise on the Dock: When you're the first one awake at the lake, you head down to the dock with your coffee to watch the sun rise and feel the day coming to life. Northern Michigan summer mornings evoke optimism and awaken the senses. With tart herbal florals and a grounding earthy base, this scent will deliver that vibrant optimism to your home. Close your eyes when it’s burning, and you might even hear a loon call.

Nancy Meyers Kitchen:

Fall is all about gathering, and what better place to gather than the kitchen—preferably a Nancy Meyers one. Imagine a copper pot rack, something delicious baking in the oven, shelves filled with well-loved cookbooks, charming dishes, worn aprons, a bottle of red wine and an enormous table where friends have gathered to enjoy a chilly October evening together. This candle embodies it all with a warm heart of deep brown sugar, top notes of fig and sea salt and a grounding musk & amber base. Now raise those glasses and “Cheers to Fall!”

Cabin Library:

The epitome of cozy is huddling inside a cabin at the lake during a good Northern Michigan summer rain. You’ll need a cup of tea, a blanket and a good book; and a well-stocked cabin has lots of old ones to choose from—the more worn, the better. Light this candle to summon all those cozy cabin feels—rich leather, warm amber, old books and the perfect summer day inside.
Our 8oz candles burn for 60 hours and are made of soy wax, vegan fragrance and a cotton wick.