16oz -tradition - cedarwood blanc

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Tradition - Cedarwood

Our Cedarwood Blanc candle captures the distinct aromas of natural wood wrapped in a sophisticated fragrance reminiscent of a genderless eau de parfum.

This complex scent begins with a whisper of bergamot. There are notes of cedar and patchouli wrapped in amber and benzoin ground this aromatic, earthy fragrance.  It is soft and beautful for anytime of the year.

All our candles are lighting the future of our daughter Grace who happens to have Down syndrome.  They are clean scents with only 3 ingredients so they are safe for your family and ours. (lead +phthalates)

8oz candles burn for approx 60 hours

10oz candles burn for approx 80 hours

16oz candles burn for approx 120 hours

5oz reed diffusers last for approx 4-5 months