16oz Nancy Meyers Kitchen - Kelle Hampton

The Grace Effect

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Nancy Meyers Kitchen:

Fall is all about gathering, and what better place to gather than the kitchen—preferably a Nancy Meyers one. Imagine a copper pot rack, something delicious baking in the oven, shelves filled with well-loved cookbooks, charming dishes, worn aprons, a bottle of red wine and an enormous table where friends have gathered to enjoy a chilly October evening together. This candle embodies it all with a warm heart of deep brown sugar, top notes of fig and sea salt and a grounding musk & amber base. Now raise those glasses and “Cheers to Fall!”
16oz candles burn for approx 160 hours.

All our candles are poured with just 3 ingredients.  Soy wax, plant based fragrance + a cotton wick.   The candles burn clean and are safe for our house and yours.  Each and every candle is touched by Grace our daughter with Down syndrome, teaching her skill that we hope she will pass on to others as our little company grows.