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The Grace Effect

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Introducing our Fireside Holiday Tree candle, designed to transport your senses to a cozy evening by the fireplace, nestled beside a fragrant evergreen tree. This exquisite fragrance blend opens with invigorating top notes of juniper, sandalwood, amber, and a hint of smokiness, while the base notes of amber, clove, balsam, and cedar complete the enchanting olfactory experience.

At its core, you'll discover a harmonious fusion of clove, sandalwood, spruce, and evergreen, harmoniously mingling with the grounding base notes of smoke, cedar, and cypress.

Our candles embody simplicity and safety, featuring just three essential elements: a cotton wick, soy wax, and vegan fragrance oils. These candles are thoughtfully crafted not only to enhance the ambiance of our own spaces but to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home as well.

Our 16oz candles burn for approx 160 hours.