16oz - Fall Movie Night - Kelle Hampton

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Fall Movie Night:

The perfect Autumn night starts with a fire in the fireplace with plans for a fall movie lineup and likely ends with someone asleep on the couch because they couldn’t make it past the opening scene. This candle makes up for whatever you slept through. Was it the Vermont fall landscape in Dead Poets Society? The candlelit dinner in Hogwarts’ Great Room? One of Meg Ryan’s perfect fall sweater ensembles in You’ve Got Mail? Light this candle and feel them all. The orange peel, clove and cinnamon notes add the familiarity of our favorite fall scents while the fir, sandalwood and smoke give it the perfect earthy base. Together, it’s a fall hug that feels like home. 
16oz candles burn for approx 160 hours.

All our candles are poured with just 3 ingredients.  Soy wax, plant based fragrance + a cotton wick.   The candles burn clean and are safe for our house and yours.  Each and every candle is touched by Grace our daughter with Down syndrome, teaching her skill that we hope she will pass on to others as our little company grows.