16oz Dead Poets Society - Kelle Hampton

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Dead Poets Society
The students of Welton Academy are back for fall semester, and the leaves are their richest hues—the perfect background for answering Mr. Keating’s call, “Seize the Day! Make your lives extraordinary.” We’ve combined the best ingredients of this iconic fall film for this scent—the crisp Vermont landscape, old books and Mr. Keating’s invitation to follow your creative dreams. The result? An unexpected apple scent with a peppery spice that gives it unique intrigue—the warmth of an apple orchard made richer with notes of peppercorn, musk, leaves and spice. “O Captain! My Captain! What is that intoxicating scent?”  
16oz candles burn for approx 160 hours.

All our candles are poured with just 3 ingredients.  Soy wax, plant based fragrance + a cotton wick.   The candles burn clean and are safe for our house and yours.  Each and every candle is touched by Grace our daughter with Down syndrome, teaching her skill that we hope she will pass on to others as our little company grows.