16oz - I love your cozy home - Kelle Hampton

The Grace Effect

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In the trend-driven world of social media home renovations and magazine worthy kitchen posts, it's easy for comparison to come sneaking in to rob us of the joy that truly makes a home, and make us feel like ours isn't good enough. This candle is intended for gifting to remind those whose homes we love that it's the cozy little details that make us feel at home. 
This candle is perfect for a friend who complains about her countertops, a sister-in-law who's saving up for a kitchen renovation, or anyone who might need permission to truly fall in love with the home they already have (maybe that's you).
Orange peel, clove and cinnamon notes add the cozy familiarity of a welcoming kitchen while fir, sandalwood and smoke give this scent a comforting earthy base. Together, it’s a hug that feels like home. 
Included with this 16-oz.candle is a card that reads:
In a world that wants us to think our homes should be bigger, better, fancier and newer; I want you to know your home is my favorite because it makes me feel cozy and loved. It's a place I want to be because all the little details sing of you. You've created a space where everyone wants to stay. Light this candle to be reminded that this beautiful home you've built is perfect because of the love you've poured in it. Now it will smell like all the good things we feel when we're there.