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The Grace Effect

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Experience the enchanting essence of Christmas morning, encapsulated within the flickering glow of a candle. Complemented by a steaming cup of coffee and the gentle radiance of a holiday tree, this aromatic masterpiece promises to elevate your dawn into something truly extraordinary.

Crafted upon a rich foundation of vanilla and butter, this creamy holiday scent envelops your senses. An enticing dash of cinnamon and sugar, combined with a hearty infusion of warm apples and raisins, propels this fragrance to new heights of delight.

Our commitment to simplicity and safety shines through in every candle we create, containing just three pure ingredients: soy wax, vegan fragrance oil, and a cotton wick. These candles are not only designed to enhance our own homes but also to bring warmth and coziness to yours.

Our 16oz candles burn for up to 160 hours.