12 inch wooden candle holder - Papa + Uncle Aaron + Grace Collaboration

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When Grace was born my neighbor and friend told me she would be the glue to our family. Over the years we have seen this happen among not only her brothers but our extrended family.  

Introducing the collaboration between Papa + Grace.  

Grace your table with candle light held in a wooden holder perfect for the holidays or year around.  

The candle holder is hand made by Papa and Uncle Aaron, it is 12 inches long x4 inches wide x4 inches tall stained wood.

It holds 11 candles and makes for the most beautiful glow on a coffee table or your holiday dinner table.  It holds candles that are 7/8 in diameter.

The price includes shipping. (it does not include candles pictured)

For every candle holder sold this holiday seaons we will be donating 10.00 from every purchase to Toys for Tots.

Each piece is custom made in Papas workshop.  No 2 are the same and to keep the candles straight drip wax into the holes from the lit candle and then firmly place your candle in the hole.  When you release your candle will stay straight up.  

No returns accepted.