10oz - harvest moon - eucalyptus + cypress + mint

The Grace Effect

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This candle evokes the magic of a setting sun giving way to the majestic harvest moon. Harvest season holds a special place in our hearts, marking a time of culmination and gratitude on our farm. This candle doesn't just capture the scents of this cherished moment, but also the emotions that twilight brings. We've poured our love into it, and we hope it resonates with you just as deeply.

Experience the freshness of ozone intertwined with mint and eucalyptus, reminiscent of the evening's cool breeze. The heart of this fragrance is a forest symphony, combining camphor, cypress, cedar, and sage. Undertones of incense and spice add depth, creating a rich tapestry of aromas. Enhanced with a medley of essential oils like eucalyptus, clove leaf, patchouli, cedarwood, nutmeg, cinnamon bark, labdanum, and galbanum, this candle is a sensory journey.

Crafted with simplicity and purity in mind, our candles contain just three ingredients: vegan oil, soy wax, and a cotton wick. Ensuring safety and tranquility, they are a beacon of warmth for both our home and yours.